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Blair Kelsie - CTO, Mentor, Expert

Blair Kelsie

Owner, Lion Mentorship

I understand that keeping up with the latest technological advancements, developing software and managing teams can be overwhelming. That's why my mission is to use my knowledge and expertise to provide clear, practical guidance to my clients.

Blair Kelsie


Mountains of Success


In the past 20+ years, I've had the opportunity to work with many companies, building world-class products alongside incredibly talented people. I've worked with some high profile companies such as Vendasta and SkipTheDishes, helped launch amazing startups such as Hyon and Alto and operated multiple consulting businesses.

Through real-world experience I gained extensive knowledge about technology, startups, business operations, product development, talent acquisition, team leadership and more. 


People often hear me say, "There's always something new to learn." I believe the key to success lies in a having a willingness to always learn more.

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