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Blair Kelsie - CTO, Mentor, Expert

Blair Kelsie

Owner, Lion Mentorship

I understand that keeping up with the latest technological advancements, developing products and managing tech teams can be overwhelming. That's why my mission is to use my knowledge and expertise to provide clear, practical guidance to my clients.

Blair Kelsie


Mountains of Success


Blair has been immersed in the tech industry for over 20 years. He's held ground-floor, key roles in successful high profile companies such as Vendasta, a company whose valuation is now well into the hundreds of millions as well as SkipTheDishes, where he was instrumental in developing the MVP, building out the first tech team and helped carry the company through a $200M acquisition.

Throughout his career, Blair has helped launch startups and occupied a diverse set of roles, including software engineer, tech lead, product owner, project manager, CTO, co-founder, investor, instructor, advisor and many more. Currently, he is CTO at Alto ("Find Alto") where he created the company's MVP, established a tech team and is guiding the company's product development and technology direction.

Through Lion Mentorship, Blair offers specialized services tailored for non-tech founders.  His expertise lies in helping startups grow from inception to reality. 

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